About the author

Golf involves experience, passion and a good deal of patience. Amateur golfer Stewart Hislop possesses all three of these traits. However, the fact of the matter is that like any other player, has has both good and bad days on the course. His passion for this game began at an early age although it was not taken seriously until he was slightly older. So, the notions of experimenting with shiny new equipment and tackling a challenging course have always been extremely appealing. Above all, Stewart enjoys sharing his experiences with both new and existing players; particularly those who might be looking to improve their game.

The purpose of this website is to highlight many of the new pieces of equipment that have entered into the marketplace while examining a host of tips and tricks that will enable you to improve your overall experience on the green. Due to the fact that Stewart lives quite close to the birthplace of golf (St. Andrews, Scotland), it is also possible to visit some of the most well-known clubs and encourage even more individuals to adopt golf as a pleasurable sport. Please feel free to examine this site in order to fully appreciate what is in store.