Best Las Vegas Golf Course for under 100

Best Las Vegas Golf Course for under $100

Las Vegas is mostly known for being an entertainment city. Most people travel to Las Vegas to wind down by either sightseeing and learning more about the city’s history, but others go purely for entertainment thrills.

Golfing is one of the entertainment sporting activities in Las Vegas. However, while there may be several golf courses to choose from, finding the best ones when on a tight budget is a lot harder. Whether you’re a tourist or local, you need to know where all the best golf courses on discounts are located.

This is the best way to spend less or save up for other activities. If you’re interested in finding the Best Las Vegas Golf Course for Under $100, then any of the options below should be ideal for you.

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Indian Canyons Golf Course is one of the more exclusive courses in vegas!

Las Vegas National

Built-in 1961, the Las Vegas national golf course has earned its spot among the best Vegas courses for under $100. It is the first place Tiger Woods got his first win in PGA, though, at the time, the golf course was under a different name.

 A fantastic scenic appearance surrounds this golf course as a result of the mature palm trees that give it the presence of a real desert course. Located a few kilometers from Las Vegas National airstrip, this golf course is also surrounded by several facilities, most of which are eateries.

This course is mostly known for being one of the places “Casino” movie was shot as well as being the place where Frank Sinatra and his pack played. It is also known as one of the best cheapest places to play golf currently. Expect to find a lot of trees here that may make taking long shots a little challenging. You’ll still have a lot of fun at this location.

Las Vegas Paiute Golf Resort

This golf course is a little further from the city center, but it is known to give players the satisfaction they want, and that makes up for the long-distance you have to drive to get to it.

It is known as the longest golf course in Las Vegas and has been a favorite of many golfers because of its various 18 hole courses. Although it is cheaper during the low seasons, it can also go above the $100 mark during the high seasons. It is therefore advisable to visit this course during the summer and winter because those are the low seasons.

Vast desert landscapes surround the course, but there are also other structures around. The Wolf course is one of the favourite courses at the resort because it is the longest, and it has been beautifully crafted in a manner that makes it a masterpiece. You can also try other courses because they are also good.

Boulder Creek Golf Club

Boulder Creek Golf club is known to be the best golf courses in Las Vegas for golfers of various skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you’ll have a good time at this golf course.

The Boulder Creek restaurant is close by together with a banquet room and other facilities for recreation. This Boulder city golf course is considered a place that offers value for money with its three nine-hole courses. Each of those courses come with their challenges that you should prepare for.

For instance, the Desert Hawk has a lot of water features that make playing here more difficult, while the Eldorado Valley also has sand bunkers that can be a challenge for even experienced golfers. The Coyote Run, on the other hand, is lusher, making it more friendly, but the wind can be your greatest challenge here.

The $100 charges are only available during specific times, so it’s advisable to check first. Boulder City Golf Course is close by, and they charge lower rates making it an excellent alternative during the high season.

The Legacy Golf Club

Located on what was once a ranch, the legacy golf course is one of the best designs of Gary Panks, a renowned architect. This Henderson based golf course also has a restaurant with a bar and patio close by for your refreshments.

The rates here are seasonal, with the high seasons being more costly and the low seasons being less than $100. The course is considered one of the historically rich sections with a lot to offer to both novice and experienced golfers. Due to its connection with historical culture, there are several monumental structures such as the Sierra Vista house around as well.

Wildhorse Golf Club

This golf course is also in Henderson; the Wildhorse golf club isn’t as grand as the legacy golf club that it’s located close to, but it still has some great discounts.

This Vegas Golf course under $100 has facilities such as a restaurant, a golf shop, clubhouse, practice range, and a snack bar. It is known to have one of the toughest golf courses in all of Vegas and is often recommended for pro golfers.

The ninth hole is particularly tricky because of the water features on the right side of the landing area and the left side of the green, but the course also has a practice ground for learners.

 If you’re a beginner, you can still have fun here playing and exploring the area. Just make sure you bring some real skills to that ninth hole; otherwise, you might end up feeling embarrassed.

Las Vegas Golf Center

Located on the southern part of the Las Vegas Boulevard is another cheaper golf course known as the Las Vegas Golf Center. It takes pride in having one of the largest golf shops with club fitting customizations and other exclusive services as one of its facilities as well as a chipping green and putting green for practices.

A bar and grill is also close by as well as the airport. The practice areas make it a great place to try out the short iron games, and the two-tiered set up makes it one of the most affordable golf courses to try out.

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Conclusion: Best Las Vegas Golf Course for under $100 a round

All these golf courses offer great alternatives for those on a tight budget because they all have some magnificent golfing grounds to hone your skills. Even though they have some great bargains, it’s still good to check before going there. Some of them only lower their prices during specific times.

However, if you win at the table in one of the amazing casinos you may choice to extent your stay and play some of the more expensive and exclusive golf courses in and around Las Vegas.

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