Can You Buy Wide Fitting Golf Shoes

Can You Buy Wide-Fitting Golf Shoes? Where from and How Much?

There are many factors to consider if you hope to fully enjoy a game of golf. Choosing the right type of clubs, selecting the correct apparel and ensuring that you have taken the weather into account are common concerns. However, we also need to remember that you will be spending hours at a time on your feet. From walking between different holes to aligning yourself for the perfect put, it is critical that you possess the proper footwear. You might otherwise experience a good deal of pain and discomfort; two scenarios which will invariably affect your overall performance.

However, those with extra-large feet or who may be carrying a few extra kilograms might find standard sizes even more uncomfortable. This is why purchasing a pair of wide fitting golf shoes could be an excellent option to consider. Many golfers are uncertain as to whether or not this is a possibility. The good news is that yes, you will be able to encounter this variety if you know where to look as well as if you are able to appreciate the variants at your disposal. Let’s take a look at how the dimensions as well as the associated accessories can make a difference before moving on to examine what many professionals consider to be the top ten models currently on the market.

Buy Wide Fitting Golf Shoes

Wide-Fitting Golf Shoes: What Should You Consider in Advance?

It only makes sense that we first look at how the sizes will translate when choosing the right shoe for your needs. We should likewise mention that those who require extra-wide models are likely to have extra-large feet in general. In terms of measurements in the United Kingdom and Europe, this generally includes sizes above 46 (in terms of length). So, how might this affect the width of the shoe?

In most cases, it is wise to choose shoes listed as “XW” (extra wide). Still, the exact widths can vary and this is where a but of research will need to come into play. Extra-wide shoes may also sometimes be referred to by the abbreviations “4E” (extra-wide) and “6E” (extra-extra wide). Having said this, the widths generally range between 9.8 and 13.2 centimetres. Please note that these dimensions may also vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Furthermore, you may be able to order wider variants that are custom fitted to the unique dimensions of your feet. The bottom line is that the width of any shoe should equate to comfort and mobility while on the course.


The features of the associated shoe are obviously just as important. While there is no doubt that the modern golf shoe is associated with style and sophistication, functionality is critical. For example, some are equipped with standard laces while others employ Velcro so that they can be easily removed when needed.

You will also need to consider what type of traction is included within the sole, as this naturally impacts your swing. Many high-quality shoes are equipped with different levels of gripping power so that each area of the foot is taken into account. Traction is equally as important when walking the course itself.

Golf Shoe fitting 001

Rule of Thumb

The opening at the top of your shoes should be about a thumbs width apart.

Golf Shoe fitting 02

Longest Toe

Leave about half an inch of space between your longest toe and the end of your shoe.

Golf Shoe fitting 03

Flex Point

When flexed, the break of the shoe should fall perfectly with the flex of your forefoot.

Golf Shoe fitting 04


If the shoe’s volume fits your foot, then you might hear a whoosh sound when you insert your foot.

Golf Shoe fitting 05

Test Drive

There should be no excess movement in the golf shoe when you walk.

Golf Shoe fitting 06

Swing Test

Simulate your golf swing and make sure nothing feels too loose or tight.

Golf shoes tend to be shaped to provide superior levels of comfort when taking a shot. Some trends include a rounded toe, a uniform instep and a narrower heel to provide a more streamlined profile. Padding is likewise important, as you never want to become distracted during an important round due to an ill-fitting shoe.

A final consideration to address involves the material that the shoe is constructed from. Hard-wearing and yet comfortable composites such as proprietary blends of foam are often used within the soles, as these provide a good deal of cushioning; an obvious concern if you are planning to play a full 18 holes. As the majority of golf competitions take place during the warmer months of the year, it is wise to choose a fabric that enables your feet to remain cool and dry. Many shoes employ holes for ventilation as well as materials such as cotton, as both features help to wick sweat away from the foot.

Spiked Versus Non-Spiked Golf Shoes

Another common question that many golfers struggle with is whether they should purchase standard shoes or shoes equipped with spikes. Indeed, there are a handful of benefits and drawbacks with each variety. Spiked shoes obviously offer a massive amount of traction when you are on the green and when you are about to putt. They can also come in handy if the course happens to be slightly wet (often the case if you happen to play golf in the early hours of the morning). Another benefit of spiked shoes is that they are generally much more durable due to the simple fact that they boast robust soles. If you happen to play a good deal of golf, the chances are high that spiked extra-wide shoes will last longer; offering a better return on investment.

Still, we need to mention that spiked shoes are extremely uncomfortable to walk in. They can cause a great deal of pain when worn for hours at a time. Furthermore, always remember that spiked shoes can only be worn while on the green. This is to avoid tearing up other portions of the golf course. If you choose this variety, you will inevitably be forced to change to a spike-less version when navigating between different holes.

In terms of non-spiked shoes, comfort is indeed king. They essentially feel like a standard pair of trainers and you will not suffer from any aches and pains. If you are a stickler for style, the chances are high that you will enjoy the aesthetic appeal of spike-less shoes; they are available in a wide range of configurations and colours. Flexibility is a final benefit of this variety, as they are constructed to provide more mobility when adjusting between different shots. As we can see, there are a number of pros and cons associated with each type of golf shoe. It could therefore be a good idea to try on a few pairs of each; preferably outdoors so that you can obtain a “feel” for the shoe in question. If you commit to a certain model before appreciating its ergonomics, you could very well have made a costly mistake. This brings us to the next main section of this article. What are some of the most respected and innovative wide fitting golf shoes on the market today? Let’s take a look at the top ten variants in greater detail.

The Top Wide-Fitting golf Shoes on the Market Today

FootJoy Men’s Flex XP Spikeless Golf Shoes

FootJoy is one of the most recognised names in the industry and the Flex XP certainly demonstrates why. This model offers an extra-wide feel as well as amenities such as EVA soles and a type of outer sole equipped with a proprietary Versa Trax rubber configuration. The Flex XP is likewise fitted with a flexible design so that comfort can be experienced both on and off of the course. If you happen to be required to walk significant distances, the Flex XP is an interesting option to keep in mind.

Skechers Men’s Go Golf Mojo Punch Golf Shoes

While slightly expensive when compared to some other models, there is no doubt that you get what you pay for. The Skechers Men’s Go Golf Mojo Punch is fully waterproof and the presence of an articulated midsole is ideal in terms of comfort. Traction is also important and this variety boasts a system known as GRIPFLEX; an entirely spike-less TPU outer sole. Many feel that this shoe mimics the feel of a model equipped with spikes without any of the inherent stiffness.

Under Armour Men’s Spieth 3 Golf Shoes

These shoes boast a system known as Rotational Resistance Traction and they are likewise equipped with a set of spikes. Their low profile is also a nice touch in terms of style and ankle mobility. The Men’s Spieth 3 employs UA Storm Technology; offering a water-resistant edge while still being able to wick sweat away from the body. This is actually one of the main features associated with all Under Armour products, so it makes sense that these shoes boast the same amenities.

FootJoy Men’s Fury Golf Shoes

If price is no concern, the FootJoy Men’s Fury extra-wide golf shoe is certainly worth a closer look. The Fury has been primarily designed with both durability and traction in mind; important traits if you have been concerned about a slippery course. An Inner Fit sleeve delivers superior levels of comfort while a design known as FlexGrid MLC supplies excellent levels of lateral support. Let us also not fail to mention that the Fury line offers a full two-year waterproof warranty. When these features are combined with full-grain leather and engineered mesh uppers, it is clear to see why the Fury line enjoys a class of its own.

Skechers Men’s Moc Toe Canvas Golf Shoes

This shoe is unique in the fact that it offers a suede-like design, so it is actually quite casual in terms of appearance. Thus, the Moc Toe Canvas might be just as appropriate for the golf course as for a Friday at the office. Still, let’s not allow outer perceptions to fool us. This model is engineered with features such as Memory Foam within its insoles as well as a padded collar and a one-inch heel. Although the Moc Toe might not be as hard-wearing as some of the other models which we have mentioned, you cannot go wrong in terms of style. This series is available in medium- as well as extra-wide configurations.

FootJoy Men’s FJ Original Golf Shoes

The two-toned look of these extra-wide golf shoes is ideal if you have been looking to capture a more traditional appeal while on the green. While somewhat reminiscent of the styles espoused during the 1950s, the fact of the matter is that the FJ Original employs all of the latest technological innovations. These shoes offer comfort and stability alongside leather uppers. The sole is fashioned from lightweight EVA and the inclusion of Pulsar cleats guarantees that you will be provided with a firm foundation while on the green. These shoes are also quite easy to clean, so you can enjoy a spotless appearance with only a minimal amount of effort.

FootJoy Men’s Arc SL Golf Shoes

This is one of the most cost-effective options within our list and if you happen to be on a budget, there is no reason why you should be forced to sacrifice comfort for quality. The FootJoy Men’s Arc SL includes extra levels of cushioning, a waterproof exterior, a DuraTrax TPU Performance spike-less outer sole, and synthetic uppers. Another addition to this variety is known as the SofCollar. This is said to provide an extra level of stability around the ankle; always important if you hope to make your mark on the green. The Men’s Arc SL is known for its comfort and there is no doubt that you will be impressed with what this series has in store.

Nike Vapor Pro BOA Golf Shoes

This shoe can perhaps best be described as a combination of tradition and modernity. The Nike Vapor Pro Boa series offers a plush midsole, a waterproof exterior, a hybrid outer sole, and a midsole comprised of a material known as Lunarlon (designed to provide additional comfort and support when walking significant distances). The shape of the toe has likewise been streamlined in order to offer up a cleaner appearance when addressing the ball. These shoes are equipped with spikes and their black-and-white appearance is a reminder of the classical Nike style that has become so recognised throughout the world.

Making the Right Decision at the Right Time

These are ten of the most impressive extra-wide golf shoes that you can choose from. Not only are they stylish, but they are able to provide you with levels of comfort and stability that were nearly impossible only a handful of years ago. So, what will you need to consider when making an informed decision? Let us take a quick look at some of the variables which should be included within any checklist:

  • The width of the shoe (it is always better to choose a size slightly larger than the width of your feet in order to accommodate for the presence of socks).
  • Whether or not you wish to purchase shoes equipped with spikes.
  • The condition of the course (such as if a waterproof model is better).
  • The overall appearance of the shoe.
  • The materials used within its design.
  • If the shoe is properly ventilated and able to wick sweat away from the feet.
  • The price of the model in question.

Please note that the models mentioned within this article are the latest to enter into the marketplace and that more variants will inevitably be made available in the near future. Anyone who has been hampered by extra-wide feet should therefore be quite pleased with their options. It is always a good idea to refer back to this list for further information or if you would like to appreciate the unique details attributed to each model.

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