Best Fairway Woods for 2021

Best Faiway woods 2021 review

What is the best fairway wood for you? This question is actually a bit more difficult than it may initially appear. If you hope to make an informed decision as well as to improve your game, there are several issues to address. Let's look at what should be taken into account before reviewing a handful of top-notch models on the market today.

All About Value for Your Money: Tips for Buying a Fairway Wood.

Mizuno ST Z Fairway Wood ROUND

MIZUNO  ST-Z Fairway Wood

Callaway Epic Max Fairway Wood ROUND

Callaway Epic Max Fairway Wood

OUR Choice

Taylormade SIM MAX Fairway Wood ROUND

TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway Wood

PING G425 Max Fairway Wood ROUND

PING G425 Max Fairway Wood

Cleveland Launcher HB Turbo Fairway ROUND

Cleveland Launcher HB Fairway Wood

Choosing the best Golf Fairway Woods for 2021

There are some considerations that should be taken into account before purchasing a Fairway Wood.

From the Tee or the Fairway?

Woods are often used from the tee due to the simple fact that they will provide you with higher loft angles when compared to drivers. Still, it is important to decide whether the wood is desired primarily for distance or you are instead hoping to hone your approach shots. If approaches are your main concern, it is a good idea to choose a wood with a noticeably high loft angle so that the ball will stop quicker once it hits the ground. In the same respect, many people choose 3, 4 and 5 woods as opposed to irons as a result of their ability to provide a larger hitting surface. These also you to boast greater distances without over-swinging.

Choosing Best Golf Fairway Woods for 2021 for a Lower Par

Have you been hoping to tackle a par-4 hole in two or three shots? If so, you will need to be concerned with the tighter lies often associated with the fairway. Irons can prove problematic in terms of accuracy, so it is best to select a fairway wood with a fairly shallow head. While you can still use this wood from the tee, a more subdued profile is able to accommodate the challenging lies that are encountered on high-par holes.

Woods Versus Hybrids: Doing Away with the Conjecture

It seems as if hybrid clubs are taking over the golf community. So, it only stands to reason that many individuals are curious to learn whether a hybrid is preferable over traditional models. While this will partially depend upon personal preferences, we must remember that hybrids tend to be associated with slightly smaller heads. Why is this important?

Smaller club heads will provide players with an intuitive feel and they can increase your overall field of vision. However, let's also remember than many hybrid heads (as well as shafts) are known for their lightweight nature. This might be an issue if you are looking for greater distances due to decreased inertia. In other words, a fairway wood of 18 degrees will always offer longer distances when compared to a hybrid of 18 degrees. Fairway woods are likewise capable of generating superior levels of speed and (generally) they are equipped with longer shafts. Still, it is a good idea to try out each model in order to determine which model is the most appropriate for your swinging style.

What About the Shaft?

Many articles that involve knowing how to determine the best fairway woods to use focus solely upon the club head. This is actually a rather common mistake, as the shaft is arguably the most important part of the club itself. Try to find a fairway wood shaft that works well with your average swing speed. The general rule of thumb is that slower speeds (or newer players) are suited for more flexible shafts while speeds associated with much higher velocities will benefit from stiffer configurations. Let's always remember that the intention of a fairway wood shaft is not only concerned with guaranteeing consistency over time. It will also impact distance as well as accuracy. If you are serious about how a wood will impact your game, it could be wise to speak with a professional club fitter to pair the head with the appropriate shaft ahead of time.

A Choice of Materials

You will generally be given a few options in regards to the materials employed within a fairway wood:

  • Steel
  • Titanium
  • Composite

Steel is by far the most common material and it is cheaper to produce; a real concern if you are worried about the final cost of the club. However, keep in mind that it is also heavier than other substances. Steel is also slightly more forgiving in terms of ball contact.

Titanium is known for its lightweight nature. This makes it an ideal choice if you are in the market for a fairway wood with a slightly larger head. The only possible drawback is that titanium is relatively expensive when compared to traditional stainless (or carbon) steel.

 There are times when you could come across a composite fairway club. For instance, carbon may be placed on certain portions of the head in order to reduce its weight or to shift its centre of gravity (COG). The main benefit of composite woods is that they are arguably the most forgiving option on the market. Some players nonetheless like the traditional

A 3 Wood or a 5 Wood?

Many golfers struggle with this question, so it deserves a closer look. As this video points out, you will need to address several factors. The first involves the view of the face of the club. Generally, 5 woods will provide you with a better perspective; very important for novices. Having said this, 3 woods tend to provide slightly more carry distance and roll. This needs to be balanced with the relatively straighter trajectories often associated with 5 woods. Ultimately, the choice between the two will (once again) depend upon your swing speed as well as how much loft you are looking to obtain.


TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway Wood

We should not be surprised that TaylorMade has made this list, as their engineers have been delivering consistency for decades. The SIM Max is a perfect example of how form and functionality are still serving to redefine the entire sport.

I was especially impressed by this new iteration due to simple fact that it combines all of the features that golfers have been looing for. The SIM Max boasts higher launch trajectories, maximum distances and incredible amounts of forgiveness; traits which are not often seen in the same sentence. This model is also one of the most cost-effective options on the market, so you will not have to worry about breaking the bank.

So, what about those who complain that there is no adjustable hosel with the SIM Max series? For me, this is a moot point. The "grip it and rip it" construction of this model is actually better if you are looking to improve your game and to appreciate the many nuances involved with longer drives. In other words, the SIM Max is here to stay. Here are some key takeaway points:


  • A great combination of speed, distance and forgiveness.
  • The use of C300 steel as opposed to titanium (offering a nice sound upon impact).
  • More consistency when compared to the standard SIM model.


  • The only possible downside is that the SIM Max is slightly heavier due to a lack of titanium within the face place.

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Callaway Epic Max Fairway Wood

If you are like me, the name Callaway is immediately associated with quality and cutting-edge technology. Thankfully, we have not been disappointed with this year's Epic Max series. Many consider this to be one of the best fairway woods for 2021. So, what is in store?

First of all, the Epic Max is extremely forgiving due to its oversized profile and pleasantly shallow face. Those who are still struggling with less-than-friendly woods should therefore love what is in store. Other features include adjustable weights in the front and rear, numerous head angles to choose from and the use of "Jailbreak" technology to precisely engineer the shape of the face. Here is why the Epic Max has made our top-five list:


  • One of the best woods in terms of forgiveness.
  • A flexible weighting system.
  • A high-gloss head for extra visibility.


  • One of the most expensive fairway woods.
  • Highly adjustable settings might not be the best for those who are still trying to diagnose issues with their swing.

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PING G425 Max Fairway Wood

Anyone who watches professional golf has likely noticed that a growing number of high-level players have included with Ping G425 fairway wood within their arsenal. Is this nothing more than a marketing ploy or are there very real reasons behind such a preference? Well, it did not take me long to understand why this model should be included in our list of 5 of the best fairway woods for 2021.

Right off of the bat, the G425 Max offers three impressive features. It is equipped with Face Wrap technology in order to provide additional grip upon contact with the ball. It utilises a method known as "Spinsistency" and as you may have guessed, this helps to increase the speed (and therefore the distance) of the ball upon impact. Finally, the G425 is weighted in such a way as to offer supreme levels of forgiveness. To summarise, here is what you can expect from this model:


  • Increased distances of between one and two yards.
  • Improved levels of stability.
  • Eight different trajectory settings (both loft and lie).


  • Shorter distances when compared to similar models offered by Titleist and TalylorMade.
  • Not the best if you have a tendency to slice the ball.

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MIZUNO ST-Z Fairway Wood

Believe it or not, this Japanese firm has only been producing fairway woods for three years. This is why it is amazing what the ST-Z series is able to bring to the table. Capitalising upon massive technological advancements and hands-on experience, this new iteration is comprable to some of the best names in the business.

The ST-Z fairway wood is primarily noted for its carbon fibre construction and patented MAS1C club face. However, there is also a rather traditional touch to be enjoyed. This can be seen in its curved face alongside is generally spartan appearance (ideal if you happen to be a golf purist). The 3- and 5-woods offer an adjustable hosel that can accommodate loft and face angles by up to four degrees. Some notable takeaway points include:


  • A sturdy carbon fibre construction.
  • An ultra-lightweight crown.
  • A lower centre of gravity (COG) for increased spin upon contact.


  • Negligible distance gains when compared to previous Mizuno models.
  • Not as compact as the ST-X series.

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Cleveland Launcher HB Fairway Wood

Cleveland has also brought a great deal to the table in terms of their fairway woods for 2021. Once again, users can expect a high-quality club alongside a host of high-tech gadgetry. However, do not let the science fool you. The precise engineering of the Launcher HB Turbo offers a host of benefits.

For instance, the centre of gravity of the HB Turbo has been lowered by 2.2 centimetres, offering increased distances. This model also has placed its weights deeper in the club head; providing more forgiveness when compared to previous iterations. A larger face is also ideal if you have been looking for a larger impact area upon contact (important for beginners and intermediate-level players). Here are some other features which I particularly liked:


  • An extremely light hosel.
  • Redistributed weight for a greater degree of balance.
  • A centre of gravity placed slightly higher towards the grip.


  • Not ideal if you need to hook a drive.
  • Most likely not the best fairway wood for advanced players.

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And our Winner is ...

TaylorMade SIM MAX Fairway Wood

All of these models are impressive in their own right. However, we have to say that the TaylorMade SIM Max takes the top spot. Not only is this model exquisite to behold from a visual perspective, but the fact of the matter is that it offers all of the traits that average golfers have been looking for. Excellent levels of forgiveness, surprising distances and impressive ball speeds are all present within this model. Also, let's not fail to mention that the SIM Max is cheaper than the current 2021 SIM.

Still, the best way to appreciate which one is right for you is to experiment with the models mentioned above. Whether you are looking for longer distances or you have simply outgrown your current fairway wood, there is no doubt that you will be able to take your game to the next level and beyond.

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