Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood Review


Look & Feel

This Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood Review will explain exactly how this club has the capability of transforming your golfing game and making the whole experience so much more enjoyable. Golf is an incredibly fun and entertaining sport, however, it can be frustrating, therefore, having the right fairway for the sport is one of the keys to your success.

Things to consider before buying a Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood Review

Made with smart technology and made with an improved rail system, this model is designed to assist golfers of all abilities. The Cobra King F8+ is ideal for new golfers and high handicappers, as well as low handicappers. This product is also suited to both men and women, regardless of their level of ability. The club provides maximum forgiveness and launch, which is an ideal feature for both novices and experienced players, an incredible level of workability and sharp precision - even Rickie Fowler has this club in his bag! 

Before going ahead an investing in this iron, it may be worth considering a few things. If you’re new to the sport, it may be good to try a few different irons before making the commitment. Whilst the Cobra King F8+ is suited to players from all abilities, it won’t suit everyone’s style of play. You should also try this iron before buying, to hear the sound of the hit, whether the weight of the iron is right for you as well as the style and design. 

The head of this particular iron is smaller than the standard model, and the sound when hitting the ball is sweeter than the others. As it’s a little more solid, the sound reverberates, giving a very satisfactory sound and hit. The weight of the iron is distributed at the front, rather than the back - the reason for this is so that the CG is moved forward. The spin is then reduced and there’s a higher swing speed for players out on the green. The fairway looks high tech, stylish and attracts attention which for the price, is amazing value. 

Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood Detailed Review

The Cobra King F8+ is designed for golfers of all abilities and depending on the player’s requirements, whether it’s launch and forgiveness or workability and shaping, the F8+ is adaptable. The Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood is the industry’s only golf club that offers the Baffler Dual Rail system which means users can enjoy tour level workability, and providing versatility from every angle. This fairway promises to bring out a tour-level performance from the player, delivering maximum speed, distance and forgiveness. When purchased, Cobra Connects allows users to track their accuracy, driving distance and delivering accurate statistics. 

The product is available as a 3-4 as well as a 4-5. The fairway has improved turf interaction, meaning there’s less chance of digging. With an increased edge bounce and more head speed, there’s an easier glide through the green. Also, with the fairway being suitable for tour play, the shaft uses premium materials which should mean better performance and dispersion. 

When compared to the market leader, Titleist TS3 Fairway Wood, the Cobra King is perhaps slightly behind in terms of the level of technology offered. The Titleist TS3 has an adjustable swing weight, Taller ARC 3.0 and dynamic shot control, however, the Cobra King F8+ is focussed more on the player and the speed of the swing and hit. It’s also a more affordable option. 


  • Lightweight design
  • Affordable
  • A great level of technology


  • A small head 
  • It doesn’t have a premium look and feel

Features and Benefits

There are many positives to this fairway. Here are the features and benefits of using and purchasing the Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood.

Ultralight Carbon Fibre Crown

This feature is seen on the design of the head of the wood, allows more weight to be evenly spread, deeper in the head. This 5-ply carbon fibre crown allows for a lower centre of gravity, providing more forgiveness and trajectory. This also means that this saves almost 13 grams in weight when compared with the previous versions released.

Progressive Baffler Dual Rail System

This unique feature provides the user with a markedly improved performance from a variety of lies. The rails encourage the iron to glide easily through any lie. With these speed-inducing Baffler rail system, players can enjoy even more confidence, speed and even better stability. This progressive design features steeper rails depending on the angle of the attack taken.

Cobra Connect

This is a very special feature as it allows users to track and monitor your progress. Powered by Arccos, the system can be paired with your smartphone app. This feature can track the distance and accuracy of each and every swing, allowing you to monitor the statistics and to make progress within the game. You can also access over 40,000 golf courses, from all over the world. The app can even offer tips to optimise players’ weight - a fun way to track progress and to find ways to improve, this is feature is a benefit in itself. 

E9 Technology

This patented feature brought to the market by Cobra has been designed to create a sweet zone. This allows for more hot spots further away from the middle of the face.

360 Aero Technology

To generate even more head speed, the wood includes 360 Aero Technology. Positioned around the perimeters of the head, this technology reduces aerodynamic drag for an even better distance performance. On the crown, you’ll find lightweight polymer and on the sole, you’ll find titanium trips to give better performance whilst maintaining lower CG. You’ll achieve distance through the speed of your club. With a more streamlined shape as well as the addition of aero trips, they’re strategically placed to work on the airflow, drag and speed to enjoy maximum distance.

Stainless Steel Face Insert

The body of the fairway is made from stainless steel and this is no different to the face insert. This allows the face to flex accordingly for even further distance, even when it comes to hits that are off the centre of the face. 


This feature means that users can choose from eight separate loft settings. These range from five neutral and three draw bias settings. Players can really enjoy many settings without needing to purchase an array of other fairways. 

Look and Design

As with all Cobra fairways, the Cobra King F8+ is sleek, stylish and looks extremely high-tech. The Cobra branding contrasts with the dark colours of the iron and allows it to really stand out from the rest. In my opinion, this fairway really does mean business and its look really does highlight this. It’s certainly an upgrade from the F7 and is a major competitor on the market. 

1 Year Guarantee

This is also another benefit of purchasing the product. If anything breaks or isn’t satisfactory when you purchase the King Cobra F8+ Fairway Wood, you can get in touch with Cobra and they’ll be able to assist you with your enquiry. This way, you can relax and play golf with comfort. 

Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood Specs

Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood Specifications



Length with Cobra Connect

Length with Standard Grip

Swing Weight

Head Volume



3-4 FWY

12°/12.5°/12.5°D/13.5°/13.5°D/14.5 /14.5°/15°





X, S, R


4-5 FWY

16°/16.5°/16.5°D/17.5°/17.5°D/ 18.5°/18.5°D/19°





X, S, R


Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood Shaft Specifications




Kick Point





Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75








Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75








Aldila NV 2KXV Green 75








Grips - Cobra Lamkin Crossline (PLUS) Connect

Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood - Social Proof

I spent some time browsing the internet to see what the masses have to say about the Cobra King F8+. I found that the majority say how brilliant this club is, how small yet powerful it is and it really is a great iron for both professional golfers and complete beginners. It’s also very affordable, meaning if you decide that golf isn’t for you, you haven’t spent a fortune on equipment. This fairway wood is also a good option for those looking for more control and precision to improve one’s game. Many comments also mention how useful the Cobra Connect feature is. It allows users to connect the app to their smartphone, accurately tracks and measures swings and hits to give players the statistics needed to improve their game. Players can also connect and communicate with each other, sharing advice and to share a passion for the game. In my opinion, this fairway is a considerable contender on the market, and with the look and affordability, it’s a must for any golfer’s bag.


Flight off the tee is high without flaring.



I don’t like crown graphics, but this has a cool edge to it.



You feel the rails working. It cuts through the turf and leaves you with clean impact.


How does the Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood compare?

Callaway Rogue Fairway Wood

Described as being a very powerful fairway wood, in fact, the most powerful the company has ever released, the Callaway Golf Rogue includes a triaxial carbon crown, a Hyper Speed Face Cup and Jailbreak Technology. These features mean that players can enjoy high ball speeds and more distance than ever before.

Although a bit more on the expensive side, this wood also comes with the Boeing Aero package as well as a one-year guarantee. A great fairway for those who play golf regularly, this product comes with its own branded head cover. The fairway also includes a new Speed Step which gives a better airflow and even more club speed.

Cobra King F7 Black Fairway Wood

This fairway wood really does make light of hitting the ball out on the green. Made with the Baffler Dual construction to ensure each player benefits from maximum performance.

With an attacking angle and optimised height, this great fairway wood also includes a one-year guarantee, improved turf interaction and to prevent the wood from digging into the turf. 

When purchased, it even comes with its own branded head cover. Affordable and with eight easily adjustable loft settings, this is a great option for all sorts of players.

PING G Alta 65 Fairway Wood

This wood focuses on low spins and high launches. With an increased level of forgiveness, incredible precision and turbulator technology, the energy players feel when using this fairway is second to none. This is a more affordable option, and with an improved sense of accuracy and capability and allows players hopefully enjoy a better game.

When you use this fairway, it’s easy to reach the height you need, however when used on the turf, it depends on the lie. With this club, engineers have worked to move the impact position so that it makes it easier to get the ball into the air. With Cascading Sole Design and range of unique features, this would be a great fairway for any golfers’ collection.

Should I buy the Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood Golf club

This Cobra King F8+ Fairway Wood review has hopefully, highlighted how this wood can improve your golfing quality. With a satisfactory level of technology, an incredible level of power from a smaller club and without breaking your bank, this wood has the capability of transforming your quality and level of play. The features and benefits are great, some of which are completely unique to this product, meaning it’s a fantastic product on the market. With the addition of Cobra Connect, you can connect with other users, enjoy more distance and speed of your shot and the MyFly8 feature, golfers can rest assured that this is a great club to add to their collection.