Cobra King F8 Hybrid Review


Look & Feel

Being the CEO of a company, I know what it’s like not to have the time to practice your skills at golf. It’s why I’m always looking out for the best tools to help me reach great performance. I came across the new Cobra King F8 Hybrid a few months ago and my game has never been better. You’ll now find out why this Cobra King is my favourite.

Things You Should Know Before Buying a Hybrid Club

A hybrid club has wider soles, a lower centre of gravity and profile than long irons which makes it effortless to hit to reach long distance and high ball flight. The length of a hybrid is usually longer than the iron and shorter than fairway woods and its loft ranges between 18˚ to 30˚.

First, decide what club you want to replace. Each type of hybrid replaces certain fairway woods and/ or irons, for example, the Hybrid H1 replaces the No. 4 Fairway Wood or No. 1 Iron.

Check the material and design of the hybrid. Usually, a hybrid club’s face is like an iron, but its lower profile and wider sole distinguish it completely. A hybrid club face is designed for great distances and trajectory to cover the gap between irons and fairways.

The hybrid’s length varies from the shortest and higher lofted 38-inch hybrid to longest and lower lofted 41 inches.

When it comes to the loft options, hybrids could be a part of a set 1H-5H or just come separately to replace traditional irons.

Shaft options usually include graphite material and they’re produced in regular, stiff and extra-stiff versions. Even if you’re a professional low-handicapper, a hybrid golf club will certainly up your game. You’ll have more control over your shot, enjoy more forgiveness and make it overall easier for you to reach the most difficult puts. However, if you’re a more traditional type of player you’re better off using your fairway woods.

Cobra King F8 Hybrid Detailed Review

This Cobra King shows off the Cobra Baffler Dual Rail system design which helps you out in any lie condition. The unique design of the sole gives you an edge when dealing with sand, rough turf or tall grass. The low centre of gravity forces the ball to reach amazing heights without any added effort from you. Great ball speed is guaranteed by the 455 stainless steel material of the club head which flexes perfectly at impact.

The King F8 replaces its younger brother the F7 hybrid and brings a few new features to the table. The rails are closer together which makes it easier for golfers to hit from the rough. The head’s shape is longer and more square-like than the F7 hybrid and the colour has changed to Nardo. Although it does better at forgiveness and distance, this Cobra King F8 beats its rival PING G400 even at the market price. The King F8 Hybrid offers the best value for your money.


  • High versatility and adaptable for hits from different challenging lies
  • Great forgiveness because of the low centre of gravity
  • Incredible control over your shot


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Non-adjustable hosel

Features and Benefits

Crown Design

The crown’s design proves Cobra’s continuous evolution. Sporting a Narno colour, which to me looks like silver grey, it showcases a more luxurious and trendier design than previous Cobra hybrids. Cobra’s AERO trips maximise the dynamics of this hybrid. The carefully engineered trips guarantee high performance and remarkable ball speeds. Made from polymer lightweight material, the technology allows for a lower centre of gravity input. The streamlined shape combined with the aero trips reduce the drag of the club and increase forgiveness. I believe Cobra’s design team did an excellent job at calculating the perfect airflow for this hybrid. The F8’s AERO™ Crown technology beats out any drag you usually face when swinging a golf club.

The 455 Stainless Steel Insert offers increased flexibility to the King F8 hybrid, making any hit easy as a piece of cake. Although it’s firm and strong, the face flexes amazingly on impact and sends the ball over great distances.

The Baffler® Rail design of the head improves your control over the F8 and increases the speed of the club. You’ll feel as confident as ever in any lie. The F8’s rails are close together and positioned around the club’s centre of gravity to reduce any twists and turns of the ball. You won’t need to worry about swinging straight, the F8 will take over for you. The rails have increased heights which prevent any digging or ball bounce to create a smooth and direct flight of the ball. The Baffler® Rail technology offers extreme turf forgiveness and even when my shot isn’t perfect, I consistently get incredible results. The accuracy of my swings is guaranteed by the less rounded club face which makes it easier to hit even in the worst lie conditions.

Excellent Acoustics and Amazing Feel

Because of the strong construction of the F8’s head, the sound on impact is firm and loud. The acoustics prove stability and consistency across the face. This hybrid’s sound is deep and can be overwhelming sometimes.

Although the club may feel a bit heavy because of the stainless-steel head construction, the Baffler Rail and Aero technologies kick-in to prevent endangering ball speed and distance. Cobra has managed to counterbalance increased weight by applying their custom technologies.


When I took my first swing with this Cobra King, it exceeded my expectations. The launch trajectory was straightened out by the Baffler Rails and my hit was higher than ever before. I tried the hybrid out from different lies and didn’t face any problems at all.

The low and back positioning of the centre of gravity did its part. My swings have never reached higher than when I used the F8 hybrid. Because of a low skirt, my launch was significantly improved and the thinner fixed hosel added to its consistency.

High rails and aerodynamic trips make your swing effortless. The F8 hybrid engages all its powers to allow you to hit from any lies including long grass-covered terrain. Ultimate launch and distance performance are at the heart and soul of the F8 hybrid. It’s a genuine ace when it comes to forgiveness and strength.

The fixed and inter-changeable low positioned weights optimise the flight of your ball and distribute power consistently across the face. You won’t have any problems covering long distances.

Cobra Connect System

To help players track their performance and improve their handicap level, Cobra incorporated a great tracking technology. The sensor placed on the end of the F8 hybrid communicates with a mobile app and you can virtually track the course you’re playing and all related analytics. You’ll make data-driven decisions and improve your score in no time. By using GPS and AI technology, Cobra Connect offers a map of the course you’re playing on, so you can account for terrain conditions, wind speed, and direction and decide how you should swing the F8 hybrid. The system allows me to identify weaknesses and strengths in my swings and I’m relentlessly working on improving. It’s like a virtual assistant which encourages you to reach better performances.


This Cobra King Hybrid comes in different lofts including 17˚, 19˚, 22˚ and 25˚, lengths vary from 39 inches to 41.25 inches and the flex includes regular, senior and stiff variants. The shaft incorporates the Aldila Rogue Pro 75 model with a weight of 78 grams and mid trajectory. The shaft is stable and strong and offers great control over your shot. Cobra offers a wide range of versions to cater to any handicap level golfer. It guarantees high ball flight and astonishing speeds with an easy launch. Improved designs on the club head and tweaked rail positioning help even when your shots are off-centre. The stock grip is Lamkin REL 360 Tour Taper and the club is available in left and right-handed variants. Since I’ve been using the hybrid I haven’t been disappointed once. It’s a 5-star club in my books.

Cobra F8 Hybrid Product Specs

Cobra King F8 Hybrid Product Specifications




Length with Cobra Connect

Length Standard

Swing Weight

Stock / Flex








Stiff, Reg, Lite








Stiff, Reg, Lite








Stiff, Reg, Lite








Stiff, Reg, Lite


Cobra King F8 Hybrid Shaft Specifications




Kick Point




Tip Diameter

Aldila Rogue Pro 75








Aldila Rogue Pro 75








Aldila Rogue Pro 75








Cobra King F8 Hybrid - Social Proof

To make sure I’m not being subjective saying that the F8 Cobra King hybrid is one of the top tier hybrids on the market I checked online for different reviews. High handicappers, as well as top professionals all, had nothing but positive reviews about the F8 hybrid. Emphasising the unique forgiveness and superb feel when taking a shot, all the golfers in the world seem to share my opinion. This Cobra King hybrid has earned its top position in my ranking.


Flight off the tee is high without flaring.



I don’t like crown graphics, but this has a cool edge to it.



You feel the rails working. It cuts through the turf and leaves you with clean impact.


How does the Cobra King F8 Hybrid compare?

PING G400 Hybrid

This Cobra King gives the PING G400 a run for its money. Although PING incorporates a cascading sole, well-crafted turbulators, and thin and flexible face, the F8 beats it with AERO technology and a dual rail sole. Both hybrids feature low centres of gravity and inter-changeable weights which guarantee increased forgiveness and high launches.

The PING G400 doesn’t perform that well in bad turf conditions but the F8 uses deep rails to help golfers in any situation.


PING’s and Cobra’s hybrids feature a thin and flexible stainless steel face which improves forgiveness. Low centres of gravity on both hybrids guarantee increase launch. The Cobra F8 hybrid include Baffle Rail technology comprising of deep and closely positioned rails which contribute to the excellent launch of the ball

Callaway Rogue Hybrid

The Callaway Rogue Hybrid features Jailbreak technology through two steel bars inside the crown which strengthen the face. Energy transfer is improved, and your shot gets an effortless boost of power.

Face Cup technology was designed to increase ball speed and distance covered.


Like the CK F8 Hybrid, great forgiveness is offered by Callaway Rogue hybrid through the Jailbreak technology and Face Cup features.

The King F8 and Callaway Rogue hybrids have low centres of gravity to enable maximum heights of the ball’s flight

TaylorMade M4 Rescue Hybrid

TaylorMade M4 Rescue Hybrid has a round head and low centre of gravity to provide easy launch and high ball flight. Weight is distributed to each side of the centre of the club head for increased momentum and forgiveness.

Ball speed is guaranteed through the Speed Pocket technology implemented in the sole of the hybrid.


Forgiveness levels are high in both the King F8 and M4 rescue hybrids. Low centres of gravity on both hybrids guarantee increased heights of your swings

Should I buy the Cobra King F8 Hybrid Golf club

The King F8 hybrid is proof that Cobra focuses on helping all golfers, regardless of their handicap level. The Baffler® Rail technology adapts and modifies in correlation with the club’s loft angle to achieve the best combination for great results. The hybrid has an amazing minimalistic and modern look which adds to a golfer’s confidence on the course. You’re not only enjoying the performance of a uniquely engineered golf club but you’re also benefiting from an amazing design.