Ping G30 Hybrid Golf Club Review


Look & Feel

During a golf game I was playing 4 months ago, a friend of mine was using the Ping G 30 hybrid club. His swing was effortless and the ball skyrocketed over an incredible distance and landed extremely close to the green. I was clearly missing out. I ordered my PING G30 hybrid online and I reached level 4 handicap in one month. In this review, I’ll show you why I chose the PING G30. 

Things to consider before buying a Ping 30 Hybrid

A hybrid club is the transition club in your set.  Hybrid clubs have a lower centre of gravity, lower profiles and wider soles than long iron clubs which make them easier to swing. Hybrid clubs are usually a bit longer than long irons but shorter than fairway woods. The loft ranges from 18° to 30°. 

Before you buy a hybrid, think about what material and design you prefer. Hybrids have flight faces and lower face heights than long irons. Also, consider your golf club shaft preferences. Hybrid clubs’ shafts are made of graphite making them slightly heavier than fairway woods. 

I think it’s great to have a hybrid because it helps with long distance and tricky putts. You can use a hybrid even when the ball is close to the green and hit a short “bump and run”. 

Depending on what club you’re replacing or complementing with a hybrid club, choose a shaft type and flex to match your current irons and woods. 

Identify the loft angle that matches the club you’re replacing, for example, the 14°-16°Hybrid replaces the 3 Wood, the 17°-19° Hybrid replaces the 5 Wood/ 2 Iron etc. Correlate the offset and length of the hybrid with that of your woods/ irons. 

If you’re a traditionalist golfer which prefers the features offered by woods and long irons, you shouldn’t think about buying a hybrid. If you prefer using separate clubs for specific shots, don’t choose a hybrid. For long distance and higher golf ball travel stick with 5 Wood clubs, and for high but short distance travel you should buy an Iron 9 club. 

Ping G30 Golf Driver Detailed Review

I consider that PING G30 hybrid is a “game improver” for the amateur golfers and for the pros. 

I believe that the key to this hybrid’s increased performance is consistency. Compared to PING’s previous G25 club, the G30’s leading edge of the sole is straighter and has a longer and shallower head, which makes it perform like a long iron. 

This club has a lower centre of gravity (CG) than the G25 and its face is treated with an H900 heat process, which strengthens it and increases the golf ball’s travel speeds. 

Similar to the Titleist 818 H1 Hybrid which improves speed across the face for more forgiveness and offers increased launch through its deep centre of gravity, the G30 hybrid integrates internal weight pads in the heal and toe and has a low CH for optimal trajectory. 

After using the PING G30 I’ve discovered: 


  • Increased ball speed and flight
  • Well balanced, neutral and playable hybrid
  • Long shaft makes it easy to shoot high and straight


  • Swings more like an Iron than a short wood
  • Not a one-fits-all club
  • Tough to turn on command and doesn’t allow you to curve the ball

Features and Benefits

Head Design

PING doesn’t include Turbulators on the G30 hybrid’s head. They wouldn’t offer the club any increased aerodynamic advantage. 

The hybrid’s clean design, combined with the matte black crown and glossy edge help with your shot’s alignment. The matt charcoal head surface reduces any glare and adds value to the overall look of the club. 

The long and straight leading head of the hybrid makes it easier to hit from tight lies. The stainless-steel face is thin and strengthened through an H900 heat treatment process. The G30 hybrid guarantees long distance shots and it has a high endurance level. 

With this hybrid, you can easily achieve longer distances shots with steeper landing angles which are needed for holding shots on greens. 

The hybrid’s top rail is flat and the heel section is high which give it a square shape at address. This aids in alignment and aim. 

I feel I can do anything I want with this club. It’s very easy to launch and hit. The ball really just springs off the face. The hybrid has a very user-friendly face and certainly comes in handy whether you’re a pro or an average player. 

Even if you miss hitting the ball high, you’ll notice the G30 hybrid guarantees the ball rolls further than you’d expect. 

Custom engineering is at the heart of this hybrid golf club. The hybrid guarantees faster ball speeds, long-distance high shots and stopping power to hold greens. 

Centre of Gravity

This Hybrid’s centre of gravity is positioned low. Its low internal weighting system increases launch angle and reduces curving at impact. 

I believe it’s perfect for long distance straight shots. If you’re a beginner try and stick to golf courses without any hills, terrain bumps or tricky spots. Use the G30 hybrid to practice straight shots and you’ll achieve a good handicap in no time. 

The internal weighting of the hybrid increases MOI (moment of inertia) which results in extreme forgiveness. It’s amazing to use if you’re a high handicap or a beginner. 

Even when I hit the golf ball from the wrong angle and risk spinning it away from the green, the uniquely positioned progressive CG kicks in and straightens my shot. I might not hit the putt but the ball will definitely hit the green. 

Although PING generally stands by low/rear CG positioning, the progressive placement of the weights helps increase ball flight by offsetting spins. 


The lower lofted hybrids have the centre of gravity positioned farther back, which I believe is very useful for high launch. Mid and high lofted models have a lower and forward CG which helps when I’m aiming to reduce the ball’s spin. 

I’m not a pro, so slips do happen. Sometimes I don’t identify the right angle or the tee is in a very awkward place. This is where the hybrid does the trick

The hybrid club’s head feels slightly heavy because the club is equipped with a high-balanced point TFC 419H graphite shaft which improves forgiveness. The heavier head weight really helps with the accuracy of my shots. 

I’ve found that this hybrid has two shaft options, namely the TFC 419H and Tour 90, ranging from Soft R to X-Stiff. 


With the PING G30, I can fire off a high and straight shot and fully control the trajectory. This helps when I’m in tough lies and bunkers. 

The hybrid club feels steady when I hit the golf ball, making a crisp pop and guaranteeing instant ball jump off the face. I’ve never missed a shot with this G30 hybrid. 

The G30 Hybrid is great for Danger Zone play. These are the type of shots taken from 175-225 yards, which would require you using anything between a 6 iron or 5 wood. Danger Zone shots really engage the hybrid’s unique performance. 

When using the G30 hybrid you can expect shots to reach increased heights with an average trajectory and slow and accurate landing. The G30 hybrid the best to use from the fairway and tee but also when you’re aiming for gentle draws and fades. 


To be honest with you I’m really delighted by the range of hybrid G30 models which PING is offering. Loft angles range from 17° to 30°.  The G30 Hybrid club comes in a variety of 5 versions: 17°, 19°, 22°, 26°, 30°. 

The shaft ranges from 38.75 inches to 40.75 inches and it’s perfect for lie angles starting at 58 degrees to 60 degrees. The shaft weight varies from 64 grams to 77 grams. 

The Stock Shaft comes in Soft R, Regular, Stiff, X-Stiff versions and torque level range from 2.8° to 3.2° with weights between 64 and 77 grams. 

The G30 tour hybrid shaft has a lower torque level than the stock design and helps reach a lower trajectory through a stiffer tip. This model comes in Regular, Stiff and X-Stiff forms with weight ranging from 73 grams to 87 grams and torque between 2.2° and 2.8°. 

Ping G30 Hybrid Product Specs




Swing Weight



























TFC 419H


Soft R



TFC 419H





TFC 419H





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Ping G30 Hybrid - Social Proof

As most of us do these days, I looked around the web to check what other golfers have to say about this hybrid. Apparently, I’m not the only one who gives it a 5-star rating. Pros consider it to be solid and easy to hit and really enjoy the loud sound coming from the impact of the hybrid’s strong face hitting the ball. 

Although I’m not a pro, this hybrid really takes golf to another level. It integrates high tech but it isn’t intimidating to use at all. High handicap golfers use it with great confidence. 


It’s really solid and easy to hit. It’s not necessarily the high ball flight you might expect, more of a low penetrating ball flight. And I don’t mind that. You can feel it exploding off the face. A very consistent sound and feel. It’s a little bigger head than what I love but it’s still a nice compact size.



It had a beautiful click at impact, almost like the irons. Easy to hit.



It has the sound of a home run with a Louisville Slugger.


How does the Ping G30 Hybrid compare?

Cobra King F8 Hybrid

The Cobra has a large clubhead which improves forgiveness and increases stability even on off-centre shots. Its L-shape face makes it highly efficient on low strikes. Its crown is made from thin carbon composite and integrates a low tungsten weight which adds control.

The loft comes in 3-4 (ranging from 19-22 degrees), 4-5 (ranging from 22-25 degrees) and 5-6 (ranging from 25-28 degrees). 


The Cobra has an oversized club head and non-offset design while the Callaway Rogue has an ultra-thin crown integrating Hyper Speed Face technology. The Cobra hybrid integrates Baffler Technology which improves its performance. The Rogue hybrid incorporates the Jailbreak system for the first time in a hybrid adding to its strength and ball speed. Both the Cobra and Rogue hybrids are great for beginner or pro golfers due to their versatility 

Callaway Epic Hybrids

These hybrids are designed with extremely light triaxial carbon crowns which provide higher MOI.

The low centre of gravity carries the golf ball further than you’d ever expect and the hyper speed face cup guarantees faster ball speed.

The Ultra-premium body frame distributes weight strategically to increase MOI and drops weight low in the head to maintain low and deep CG for high launch.


The Callaway Epic Hybrid offers maximum forgiveness through the ultra-light triaxial carbon crown while the G30 hybrid has an H900 heat treated face which offers increased forgiveness. The Callaway Epic Hybrid guarantees optimum ball speed through the hyper-speed face cup. Metal injected moulded tungsten improves CG positioning and adjustability of the Callaway hybrid, while the G30 Hybrid’s CG is positioned strategically low through the rear internal weighting system

TaylorMade M3 Rescue

The TaylorMade M2 hybrids integrate a new Speed Pocket with larger flexion which significantly increases forgiveness levels. The Speed Pocket also reduces backspin and increases distance. Its low-profile design incorporating “M” appeal and stepped crown offer increased alignment to the shot. The shorter fluted design adds great acoustics to the shot


TaylorMade M3 offers increased ball speed and long-distance shots similar to the

Ping G30. Centres of gravity are low on both the Ping G30 and TaylorMade hybrids. 

The Ping G30 and TaylorMade can easily be used by beginners as well as pro golfers

Should I buy the Ping G30 Hybrid Golf club

All in all, the PING G30 Hybrid is a perfect fit for beginners and pros because of its strategic internal weighting system, progressive centres of gravity and a long & strong head.

This club will help you reach long distances with no extra effort and maintain great alignment of your shot.