Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE Putter Review


Look & Feel

This is the Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE putter review and is aimed to provide you with all the key information you need before making your decision to purchase. It’s taken me a little while to find the right putter for me and my style of play, but with the Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE putter, I believe I’ve found the iron that best suits me and dare I say, has the capability of transforming the quality of my game. This putter has been designed to provide a great level of playing consistency, enabling you to get the ball in the hole with much greater ease.

Things to consider before buying the Odyssey Stroke Lab One Putter

As with any putter or club, there are some aspects you should consider. Golf equipment is generally considered to be expensive so before making the investment, you should consider whether you plan on playing the sport for the long-term. This putter is the perfect option for those who have a high-handicap and are new to the sport. Regardless of whether you’re a male or female, this putter is a suitable option. 

Try to take some time to play with the putter out on the course, getting to grips with it to ensure that it’ll fit in with your style of play. This is also an ideal option for those of you who don’t think you need a counterbalanced putter. Looking great and with an incredible level of weighting technology and engineering, this putter has the ability to grow with you, as you become more of an expert player and your handicap decreases. If you’re a seasoned player and are well used to playing with innovative equipment, you’ll also be pleased to know that there’s no compromise on look and style. It has a great face insert and there’s even a wide range of heads available depending on your preference. 

You should also consider the length of time you’ll be playing, especially if you’re new the sport. I’d recommend that you spend some time on the course before making the investment to be sure that you’re committed to the game. 

Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE Putter Detailed Review

It’s no secret to seasoned golfers that putters are notoriously inconsistent. Most tend to focus on the roll of the ball or the alignment, however, Odyssey’s technology focuses on the golfer’s stroke, the length of the backswing, and the face of the angle at impact. This is done through innovative weight distribution which in turn, can provide a greater level of consistency. This is a new concept and Odyssey are the only company which has brought this to its market. 

The putter is made with high quality, multi-material shaft design and works with graphite and steel, saving a full 40 grams in terms of weight. When purchased, you can choose the most suited length, the side of play you use as well as the option to customise your putter, from the grip and grip wrap to the lie and shaft type. Odyssey really takes the time to get to know you, the player, to ensure the putter performs to the very best of its ability. 

When compared with its main competitor on the market, the PING Sigma 2 Kushin Centre-Shafted Platinum Putter, it really does depend on personal preference. There’s no denying that Odyssey is the market leaders when it comes to putters, but if you’re looking for a putter that has an adjustable shaft, a 2-piece PEBAX face and a very platinum finish, then this may be a good alternative. However, the Stroke Lab ONE is certainly tailored towards players with a wide range of skills and experience so if you’re looking for a putter that will grow with you and your abilities, then I’d definitely sway more towards this one. 

This Stroke Lab ONE putter is aimed at any golfer, high or low handicap, who would like to improve the quality of their putting to score - which is everyone, I’m sure! 

Here are some pros and cons to purchasing and using this putter. 


  • Expert weight distribution 
  • A great face insert
  • Real innovation and engineering
  • Better consistency on swings and shots


  • On the expensive side 

Features and Benefits

There are a great many features and benefits to this putter, including innovative technology, great engineering and fine precision. Here they are in greater detail. 

Innovative weight distribution

Made with fantastic materials such as graphite and with a steel shaft, this saves approximately 40 grams - quite something when it comes to a single putter. This weight is re-distributed to both ends of the putter so that players can enjoy enhanced performance and playability.

An increased level of control

It’s well known that regular putters lack consistency and control which is why Odyssey was determined to end this stigma. The shaft of the Lab ONE is slightly stiffer and features a lower torque when compared to others on the market. In turn, this feature provides greater control on the swing and hit as it includes a heavier head, meaning it should decrease the number of miss-hits whilst giving a greater score.

White Hot Microhinge Face Insert

This technology is innovative and is all thanks to an elastomer insert, as well as a stainless steel hinge insert. These hinges flex when hitting the ball, which then lifts the ball giving more topspin for an even better roll across the green and therefore, giving you a greater chance of scoring. This Microhinge technology gives a greater sound and feel so you can enjoy swinging and hitting the ball with even more confidence. The sound it gives is firmer meaning even more satisfaction whilst playing.

Option to customise

Of course, not every player has the same playing style and preference whilst on the green. When ordering with Odyssey, you have the option to customise your putter. You can play with a right or left putter depending on your preference, order the best size for you depending on your height, and you can even customise your grip, grip wrap, the lie as well as the shaft type. This just means that you’ll play with more ease and comfort, knowing that the putter is perfect for you. The putter also comes with a range of iconic and well-known head shapes. Odyssey have been working on ten amazing designs, including four different blades and six mallets, as well as the White Hot Microhinge insert and you can also choose from a pistol grip or an oversized grip. 

One-year guarantee

This may seem like a minor benefit, however, it is an important one to know. You can go out and play with confidence knowing that should anything go wrong with your putter, Odyssey will be happy to assist. 

Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE Putter Specifications


Head Type






Toe Hang







Full Shaft








Full Shaft








Full Shaft



Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE Putter Grip

Odyssey - Stroke Lab Oversize - stock

Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE Putter Shaft Type

Bi-Matrix Stroke Lab Steel - stock

Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE Putter - Social Proof 

I’ve been playing golf for some years and it’s well-known that putters are fairly inconsistent when taken out on the course. I think the Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE is a fantastically revolutionary putter, so I wanted to see if any others had the same opinion. It turns out that they most certainly do! It’s well-known that Odyssey are the leaders when it comes to bringing amazing putters to market and the Lab ONE really is no exception. Boasting tremendous consistency, players have widely reported a marked improvement in their scores and enjoyability whilst out on the course, and when writing reviews, have mentioned that the weight distribution is incredible. One of the main points I kept reading was that the head of the putter becomes more acute, meaning the players’ swings are smoother and easier to hit the ball. Overall, there’s no denying that the positives firmly outweigh the negatives and that this putter is an all-around must-have for any existing player. And if all this wasn’t enough, tour players are already using the Lab ONE which reiterates the mass consensus that these putters really are remarkable. 


The feedback was delicate; the roll was tight. 



It’s compact, but not too small. Really easy to frame the ball. 



So balanced it feels like a natural extension of my hands.


How does the Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE Putter compare?

Wilson Harmonized M1 Putter

The Wilson Harmonized M1 putter is one of the most affordable options available on the market. Boasting an easy alignment design and claims to be perfect for any golf bag, I’d say this putter is especially suited to those who are new to the sport. With a face insert and a vertical seam grip, this putter has a minimal level of technology but even so, it does aim to make set-up easier and offers a more accurate point. Perhaps not the best option for seasoned and low-handicapped players, but an alternative nonetheless.  

PING Sigma 2 Kushin Centre-Shafted Platinum Putter

This a mid-price option for those of you who enjoy playing but have a budget when it comes to your equipment. If you enjoy visual symmetry and a face insert that has been inspired by the modern golf ball, this may be a better-suited putter for you. This putter has been engineered to give you the best possible feel and touch whilst out on the course. Designed with a balanced-approach, easy alignment and adjustable shaft, the putter also looks polished and professional. The adjustable shaft is one of the main selling points of this piece of equipment because it turns out that after some extensive research, 8 out of 10 golfers actually play with the wrong length putter shaft which could have a negative impact on your game - so it’s certainly something that’s worth considering.

TaylorMade Spider X Copper/White 3 Putter

On the more expensive end of the spectrum, you’ll find the TaylorMade Spider X putter. These come in a range of colours and aim to enhance stability, workability and improve your putting accuracy. Made with a heavy steel frame, which gives a greater weight on swings and shots, these have been redesigned to with the PureRoll technology and True Path alignment. The PureRoll feature enables users to enjoy a greater sound and feel, improving the forward roll across a number of surfaces and in turn, enabling the ball to stay in its line that much easier. This putter has also been created with accurate weight distribution in mind.

Should I buy the Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE Putter

If you’re looking for a hardworking, consistent and stylish putter, then you really don’t need to look any further. Boasting innovative technology from the best putter creators out there, Odyssey, they really do have their customers at the forefront. Let’s be honest, we’d all like better scores out on the course and an even smoother swing, so why not give the Stroke Lab a go? Go ahead and customise your putter to be the best option for you and be the envy of all your fellow players. You’ll enjoy the greater feel and sound out on the green and who knows? You may even benefit from a greater scorecard? I hope this Odyssey Stroke Lab ONE putter review has made your decision that much easier!