Scotty Cameron Fastback Putter Review


Look & Feel

Golf is as much of an art form as it is a science. Not only does this game rely heavily upon physics, but the fact of the matter is that physical intuition goes a long way; especially when dealing with the short game. This is why I wished that the Scotty Cameron Fastback putter had been invented when I began playing golf 20 years ago. Let’s take a look at what is in store. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Scotty Cameron Fastback Putter

The Scotty Cameron Fastback is ideally suited for players who have been looking for a mid-sized mallet without being forced to sacrifice responsiveness or inherent “feel” when putting. Anyone who might have difficulty visualising a shot on a difficult lie will also find this variant extremely useful. As I have always putted with a relatively straight follow through, the Fastback proved to be quite beneficial due to its single sight line on the top of the head. I actually feel (and I doubt that I am alone) that the Fastback is a slight step up from the cross-hair configurations that have become prevalent over the past few years. Finally, this model is great for those who are looking to incorporate more of an arc into their stroke (2). 

Having said this, the Scotty Cameron Fastback is primarily designed for those who are looking to perfect their short game as opposed to golfers who are learning the ropes. This is due in no small part to the fact that the recommended retail price of the Fastback (at the time that this article was written) is approximately £365 pounds. Those who have been searching for a high-quality putter that boasts a medium-sized mallet should nonetheless be quite happy with what the Fastback has to offer. 

Scotty Cameron Fastback Putter Detailed Review

It only makes sense to begin this Titleist Scotty Cameron Fastback putter review with a general description of its purpose. One of the most noticeable features of this model is its smaller dimensions when compared to previous versions and competitors such as the TaylorMade Spider X series. While this might appear to be a break from the trend, an aircraft-grade aluminium shell provides the ability to increase the tactile sensation of the club while dampening vibrations by up to 30 per cent (1). Improved balance and a greater moment of inertia (MOI) are two other features attributable to this model. Anyone who has used previous models such as the Titleist Laguna or the Newport 2 will likely notice a difference in terms of responsiveness. While ideal for experienced to advanced golfers, this putter is most likely not the best option if you are just learning the ins and outs of the game. Let’s conclude by listing a few pros and cons: 


  • A four-way balance mechanism
  • Vibrations can be reduced by up to 30 per cent
  • Seven different styles to choose from
  • There is no option to purchase a black finish


  • One of the most expensive mallet putters on the market
  • The smaller size could feel uncomfortable to those who have been accustomed to larger putters
  • There is no option to purchase a black finish

Let us now continue by highlighting some of the most interesting features of the Fastback. 

Features and Benefits

The Aesthetic Design

The Scotty Cameron Fastback has been redesigned with an emphasis upon a more professional look; ideal for touring. This is particularly noticeable in the presence of a single alignment line. Personally, I feel that this guide could help to improve visual acuity when imagining the path of the ball to the hole. It should also be mentioned that the perimeter weighting is very appropriate for anyone like myself who prefers to employ a straight-through putting style.

Audible Sound Upon Contact

Putting is all about feeling the shot in order to connect with the ball. In other words, a bit of finesses is required if you hope to make your handicap. While it has already been mentioned that this model can reduce vibrations by up to 30 per cent, it also needs to be pointed out that this very same technology provides a more audible sound upon contact. Many golfers prefer such an attribute, as they can analyse their style and determine whether or not it requires further refinement. 

Improved Balance

One of the reasons why some golfers prefer full-sized mallets is that they are able to obtain a better sense of balance when putting. Considering the fact that Scotty Cameron has worked with such legends as Tiger Woods, it only makes sense that he would have accounted for this variable. He has therefore slightly shifted the balance of the head in order to accommodate for the weight of the shaft. This feature makes it much easier to align and to square the face with the ball (3). Perimeter weighting plays an important role here, as the stainless steel has been redistributed to the circumference of the head (while still maintaining the 6061 aircraft-grade aluminium face). 

The Single-Bend Shaft 

We also need to take the size, weight and style of the shaft into account when addressing the balance of a putter. Scotty Cameron has therefore designed the fastback with a single bend. This helps to keep the overall weight down while tightening the centre of gravity. Another point to highlight here is that only one bend increases the amount of visual “real estate”; allowing the player to obtain a better view of the nearby green. The shaft is constructed from high-quality 303 stainless steel. 

A Lack of Grooves?

One of the concerns which many golfers (including myself) might have with this club is that it does not contain any precision-milled face grooves (4). This could put some at odds with its design, as grooves and laser-cut etching seem to have taken centre stage in terms of accuracy and spin. However, the solid feel of this mallet and its incredible responsiveness will far outweigh the noticeable lack of milling.

A Number of Styles to Choose From

Experience goes a long way in this sport and Scotty Cameron is a perfect example of when talent and time are used in combination with one another. He appreciates that everyone has a different putting style, so no fewer than seven different configurations of the Fastback are available. So, the chances are extremely high that you will be able to encounter a model which suits your needs.

The Grip

The Scotty Cameron employs a now “Pistolero” grip and this will provide golfers with a greater degree of comfort as well as more tactile sensation; particularly when putting at relatively short distances. While perhaps not as noticeable as the modified mallet head, the fact of the matter is that this grip is a great addition to the overall appeal of the club. In terms of overall feedback, the design of this year’s model is a great amenity.

All About Refinement 

Some will argue (myself included) that the Scotty Cameron Fastback is one of the most visually stunning putters to hit the market in recent times. While there is no doubt that full-sized mallets are very popular, their aesthetics can sometimes be lacking. Not only might this be slightly unappealing to some, but the shape of the mallet can make a very real difference in terms of overall gameplay. The Fastback has been engineered with refined contours and thinner upper lines. These are two great additions when used in conjunction with the single line of sight.

The Use of Multi-Material Construction

As we have already seen throughout this article, the Fastback is heavily focused upon weight distribution and balance. This is why we witness a combination of both 303 stainless steel and 6061 aluminium. While the standalone qualities of these metals is impressive, their synergy within a single club offers up a superior balance and an enhanced end-user feel (6). When all other things are equal, such an intuitive configuration could very well give you a leg up when the pressure is on.

Titleist Scotty Cameron Fastback Putter Specifications




Head Material







Stainless Steel w/

Aluminium face

Full Shaft

Matador Midsize 11”

2 x 20 grams




Stainless Steel w/ Aluminium face

Full Shaft

Matador Midsize 11”

2 x 15 grams




Stainless Steel w/ Aluminium face

Full Shaft

Matador Midsize 11”

2 x 10 grams

The weights will primarily depend upon the length of the putter. Titleist has offered three options: 

  • Two 20-gram weights for 33-inch putters.
  • Two 15-gram weights for 34-inch putters.
  • Two 10-gram weights for 35-inch putters.

Customised RH lengths in 1/2-inch increments are likewise available alongside the ability to increase or decrease the loft angle by one degree. Finally, users can customise their lie up or down two degrees as might be required (1). 

Titleist Scotty Cameron Fastback Putter - Social Proof

Now that we have a detailed overview of this mid-sized putter, let’s further reinforce its features by examining some additional comments from experts within the industry.


I always strive to raise the bar by incorporating new materials, milling and manufacturing techniques. I’m at the point with the Select line of putters that now I’m hyper-focused on the finest details.

Scotty Cameron, Lead Designer of the Fastback


The Fastback head is a fantastic design as it provides the classic Scotty Cameron feel and weight, but with additional markings to make it easier to square the putter.

Nick Bonfield, Editor at Golf Monthly


The design, finish and lines exude refinement. On short or long putts, the feeling off the face is very comfortable.

Golf Digest

How does the Titleist Scotty Cameron Fastback Putter compare?

Odyssey EXO Rossie Putter

Odyssey EXO Rossie Putter 002

The Odyssey EXO Rossie has incorporated a host of composite materials to create what many believe to be the most forgiving putter on the market today. A weight focused around the perimeter and a consistently high MOI are two key features of this club.

It is quite expensive but it could be the perfect option when only the best will do. Core features include: Superior levels of forgiveness. A lightweight head and crown. Excellent levels of speed an accuracy.

Be sure to take a closer look at this interesting design. 


EVNROLL ER8 Putter 01

EVNROLL made golf headlines in 2016 when the firm first introduced fully milled putters onto the course; especially their proprietary “Sweet Face” approach to the face of the putter. The main intention is to employ scientific precision in order to ensure higher levels of accuracy thanks to the use of standalone milled patterns.

This putter could also be a great alternative if you want to stay away from the larger mallet configuration. Some key takeaway points include: Zero dispersion when hitting the ball. Uniform accuracy over the entire face of the putter.  A “Gravity Grip” that helps to ensure a square angle upon contact.

Be sure to take a closer look at this interesting design. 

Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter 

Many online review portals have rated the Odyssey Stroke Lab as the top putter (so far) of 2019 (7). It is interesting to note that the designers of this mallet have incorporated graphite into its design. This helps to dramatically reduce weight when compared to other materials such as 303 stainless steel. 

Other Features:

• An agreeable price of £215 pounds • A balance point found slightly closer to the hands when compared to other models • Steel “Microhinges” on the face to offer up a responsive feel.

Does the Stroke Lab feel like a viable alternative? If so, be sure to examine this product in greater detail. 

Should I buy the Titleist Scotty Cameron Fastback Putter

The main intention of this Titleist Scotty Cameron Fastback putter review was to highlight the fact that its design is ideal for those who are more comfortable with a mid-sized mallet and who desire to experience a superior tactile feel during their short game. While somewhat expensive, it is easy to offset the price tag when we consider amenities such as massively dampened vibrations and a greater field of vision when the pressure is on.