Best Golf Wedges for Women

What is the best golf wedges for women who are looking to take their game to the next level? While personal opinions may vary, the fact of the matter is that there are a handful of qualities to look out for as well as some excellent brand names to keep in mind. Let's take an in-depth look at both of these concerns in greater detail so that you will be able to make an educated (and cost-effective) decision when the time is right.

PING Women’s G LE Wedge

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Callaway Women’s Mack Daddy 4 wedge

Callaway Women's Sure Out 2 Wedge

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Choosing the best golf wedges for Women

There are some major considerations that should be taken into account before purchasing one of the best golf wedges for women.

Appreciating Physical Gender Differences

This is arguably the most important point to take into account. Simply stated, women and men are built differently. This is why wedges have been specifically designed for either gender. Height, grip, swing arc, and power are a handful of differences to keep in mind. In other words, always perform a good amount of research before choosing a wedge that is billed as a "unisex" model, as there is a possibility that your game may suffer as a result. This brings us to the next point.

Grip and Length Concerns

Many women tend to choke down on their grip when playing with a longer wedge. This will ultimately impact momentum and therefore, distance. Experts therefore recommend that you choose a wedge associated with a slightly shorter length; 35 inches is the average size although you can obviously adjust this observation depending upon your height (1). Having said this, women who are as tall as the average man or boast swing speeds of near 100 miles per hour could very well be accommodated with a typical male wedge.

What About the Loft Angle?

We are all aware that loft angle will determine both accuracy and distance while on the green. Without sounding gender biased, the majority of female golfers have slightly dampened swing power when compared to their male counterparts. This is why it is often wise to choose a wedge with a slightly higher loft angle. For instance, a sand wedge for men that offers an angle of between 55 and 56 is the equivalent of a 56 to 57 when referring to a female version. This is a great way to compensate for swing momentum and overall distance.

Lightweight Wedges

While this next observation is common sense, it is still important to mention. Heavier wedges are naturally associated with slower swings. This is why some of the top golf wedges for women are known for their lightweight design. As they are able to provide more speed, the face of the wedge will strike the ball with a greater degree of force. Some of the best manufacturers employ materials such as titanium head inserts and graphite shafts in order to accommodate for any weight differences.

The Centre of Gravity

We once again need to take a brief look at angular momentum in relation to wedges. Designs which offer a lower COG (more towards the wedge head) are able to generate more force during the swing. This is then translated as kinetic energy once the face makes contact with the ball. In other words, wedges that are slightly balanced towards the head will provide you with much more force; leading to longer distances on the green.

Smaller Head Sizes

One common myth which many golfers follow is that larger wedge heads will impart more power and a greater degree of accuracy. This is only partially true. We need to remember that wedges will be used both on and off of the green (such as when playing in the rough). Larger heads might not be able to deal with uneven terrain and your handicap may suffer as a result. It is usually much better to purchase a wedge that boasts an aerodynamically shaped head so that you can hone and perfect your shots.

The Usefulness of Lob Wedges

This is another lesser-known suggestion and yet, it could very well impact your overall performance when playing from difficult positions. Lob wedges allow you to obtain higher and softer shots. This can be very useful if you happen to find yourself in the sand trap or while if you are on the green and are required to hit over a formidable bunker. A lob wedge can be included within your normal set of clubs, but be sure to experiment with a few different types to make the right decision.

The Use of an Offset Hosel

The hosel is one of the most important parts of any golf club and the same holds true for women's wedges. The hosel is located where the club head meets the shaft. You will normally have the choice between a straight hosel and an offset design. Offset hosels will provide you with greater height during the trajectory of the ball. If you have noticed that your shots are falling short of the mark, it could be a good idea to experiment with offset hosel designs.


Although knowing where to buy the best ladies golf wedges is obviously important, not all providers are created equally. It is always wise to work with a retail outlet that offers you the ability to physically try out each wedge before making a purchase. In other words, never rely upon static information alone to make an informed decision. Some shops will even analyse important metrics such as the speed of your swing and your loft angle so that you can "fine tune" a selection in advance. As this YouTube video points out, it is also prudent to work with a professional club fitter so that minor adjustments can be made based off of your unique physical requirements.


This final piece of advice is actually applicable to both men and women. However, it is particularly important for female golfers because (once again) the flexibility of the shaft will affect your overall distance while on the green. It is best to choose a moderately flexible shaft. Not only will this increase the power of your swing, but it often provides you with a tactile feel when the wedge head makes contact with the ball. Many golfers believe that the ability to feel their hits will ultimately help to lower their handicap.

We should also mention that there is a bit of stigma behind the concept of a "female" golf club. While there are slight variations in terms of weight, length and overall design, many females will perform quite well with unisex models. However, there can still be times when you require a special configuration based upon your height, swing speed or arm length. The advice mentioned directly above will come in handy during such circumstances.


Callaway Women’s Mack Daddy 4 Wedge


The Callaway Mack Daddy series of clubs and wedges has made waves within the golfing community for years, so it makes a great deal of sense that it has made our list. This wedge focuses upon the spin of the ball and it offers two different groove configurations. Users can therefore enjoy higher lofts and greater degrees of accuracy while on the green. This is also one of the most cost-effective wedges on the market. Some interesting benefits include:

  • More than 80 contact points (milled grooves) on the face of the wedge.
  • 21 different loft options.
  • A rather flexible shaft


A few drawbacks associated with the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 include:

  • There are few options for left-handed players.
  • Not the lightest of wedges.

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Cleveland Women’s CBX Wedge


This next selection might be a great option if you are a beginner or a novice. The Cleveland CBX Wedge offers a slightly wider and larger sole which are associated with higher loft angles. The shaft is also noticeably lightweight; ideal if you have been looking to increase the speed of your swing. Some other notable amenities which can be attributed to the Cleveland CBX Wedge include:

  • Computer-milled face grooves for greater spin upon contact.
  • "Feel balance technology" allows for greater degrees of accuracy.
  • A dual-V sole for a greater degree of versatility.
  • A shortened hosel which places the centre of gravity at the middle of the wedge face.


Some possible drawbacks include:

  • These clubs are cast as opposed to forged (perhaps affecting the feel of the ball).
  • Some women might feel slightly uncomfortable with the cavity in the back of the wedge.

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​Callaway Women’s Sure Out 2 Wedge


As the name suggests, the Callaway Sure Out 2 wedge is primarily designed for golfers who have trouble when they find themselves in the sand. This has been accomplished through the inclusion of additional heel relief which offers a greater degree of versatility while in the rough. The Sure Out 2 also boasts an extremely clean visual appearance; ideal if you have been looking to avoid any distractions. Some main advantages include:

  • Shafts are available in both steel and graphite.
  • An open face for a greater degree of forgiveness while in the sand.
  • An extremely wide sole.


Still, there are a few possible pitfalls to keep in mind:

  • This club has not been primarily designed with spin in mind.
  • Perhaps not the best suited for more experienced female players.
  • Not as lightweight as some other models (due to the large wedge face).

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PING Women’s G LE Wedge


The "LE" within the PING Women's G LE club is an acronym for (Ladies Edition) and it tries to live up to its name. it is ideally suited for those with a slower swing speed and the inclusion of a thinner face should help you to achieve higher loft angles. A deeper COG will likewise provide you with more momentum during the shot; equating to longer distances on the green. Some other attributes worth mentioning include:

  • Lightweight and shorter shafts for more diminutive players.
  • A stock graphite shaft is available.
  • Three different wedges to choose from (pitching, utility and sand).


Still, it is only fair to mention some potential downsides to this option:

  • Not as many loft angles when compared to other wedges.
  • The mint-coloured finish might not be appealing to every golfer.
  • This wedge is rather new to the market, so expert reviews have yet to be formulated.

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Tour Edge Women’s Hot Launch Super Spin Wedge


As might already be apparent from the title of this model, the Tour Super Spin is all about providing you with extra levels of spin upon contact. It is the most cost-effective model on this list and it can represent a great entry-level wedge. A bevelled leading wedge edge also provides a good amount of versatility regardless of your location on the course. Some interesting amenities include:

  • A round cambered sole helps to minimise interaction with the turf.
  • The presence of CNC-milled grooves on the wedge face.
  • A thicker toe offers a larger sweet spot.


Some possible issues include:

  • There is no left-handed version of this wedge.
  • Not the ideal choice if you have been concerned about the weight of the club.

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And our Winner is ...

Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedge

We have covered a host of topics within this article and the ultimate intention was to provide you with the ability to make an informed decision when deciding the best ladies golf wedges to use in order to enhance your playing ability. However, please keep in mind that your will ultimately need to make a subjective opinion based around your personal requirements and goals.

Having said this, the Callaway Mack Daddy 4 wedge is arguably the best wedge on our list. Not only does it offer excellent levels of spin, but 21 different loft positions alongside a flexible shaft will provide you with the momentum and accuracy required to take on even the toughest of greens. As always, be sure to perform additional research if you hope to find the most appropriate wedge for your requirement and above all, have fun!

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