Do You Need a Full Set of Clubs to Start Playing Golf

Do You Need a Full Set of Clubs to Start Playing Golf?

Let’s imagine for a moment that you have just taken an interest in the game of golf. It is likely that you have a number of understandable questions. What type of clothing should be worn? How can you avoid penalties while on the green? Are there any weather issues to take into account? While all of these are valid questions, you might also be asking yourself “how many clubs do I need to play golf?”. This is an interesting question which deserves a closer look so that you can enjoy a day on the course.

The Rules of Golf in Relation to a “Short Set”

According to official guidelines, you are entitled to possess a maximum of 14 clubs while golfing. However, this does not necessarily signify that you are obliged to carry the full amount. You can choose use what is known as a “short set”. As a general rule of thumb, a short set is defined as half of the number that would comprise a full set. In other words, short sets are comprised of between five and seven clubs. These are frequently utilised by beginners who are still becoming accustomed to the unique purposes of each variant. As it can sometimes be challenging to feel the exact differences between two irons, some golfers actually prefer to hit the course with fewer clubs when learning the proverbial ropes. This brings us to the next main point of the article.

What Clubs do I Need to Play Golf?

The main takeaway point here is that you should choose a bare minimum of clubs that are able to handle the various situations which could occur while on (or off of) the green. So, what variants should be within your grasp? Most experts agree that your selection must include a mix of woods, hybrids and irons. While you might not necessarily have to work with the maximum 14 clubs, you will still be capable of negotiating the majority of common situations that could be faced. Here is a quick breakdown of some crucial recommendations:

  • A 3 fairway wood
  • 3 and 5 hybrid models
  • 7 and 9 iron
  • A reliable putter

We can see from these examples that you will be carrying a total of six clubs. The good news is that many online and physical retailers will provide these in the form of a starter kit. While you might not necessarily enjoy the flexibility associated with a full lineup, the fact of the matter is that a “short set” will enable you to better understand the basics of the game before investing in further models. Let’s also mention that a full set of clubs can be quite expensive (particularly if you are purchasing a well-known brand name). This is why opting for a short set in the beginning could be a great idea. You should still consult with an expert in order to determine which variants are bets suited for your unique style.

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